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Friday, October 29, 2010

blackberry wallpaper

Hi there, i have made some of the wallpapers for your blackberry, if u have a blackberry with 320 x 240 format pixel screen u can save it in your BB..


step 1: browse with your mobile BB and open this image and set as wallpaper. thats it..

step 2: Another easiest way to transfer this from PC into your BB is with Mass Storage mode, the moment u plug in the the USB cable, it will prompt u for option... choose YES for mass storage.. (sort of thumbdrive method) find the blackberry drive i.e: d:/e:/f:/g: on your my computer directory, go find the blackberry folder in your bb phone and copy the saved wallpaper into your bb phone pictures folder. (this does not require blackberry desktop manager unless for full theme installation)

Do you feel dirty now? Have fun on the go..:P

Wallpaper 1: - Leather executive look, business feel but kinky :P

  • Darker color

  • Lighter color

Wallpaper 2: - Construction industrial look,  BESIBERRY (in bahasa melayu) mean english. lol

Wallpaper 3: - Electric look with crack glass.. 
This is base on my friend's dialog not long ago regarding his BB..he says "sometime..stupidberry.. don't make me change to iphone4.." actually he really has those crack lcd screen..i dont think his BB can take the abuses anymore.. so this wallpaper dedicated to him.. i guess smartphone does not get along very well with the not so-smartphone's user..  LOL..

Wallpaper 4: Its Halle Berry! meooooowwww.. a monster ball... too... :P

Wallpaper 5: CherryBerry??? in malay cherryberry when pronounce, it sound like ciritbirit, a diarrhea in english.. what am i thinking!?

more to come..

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